Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh's
Gift Planning Center!

December 15th is the deadline for mutual fund donations!

As we approach the end of the year and the busy time for gift giving, we are forced to limit the acceptance of certain types of securities donations in order to maintain the level of service you depend on. After December 15th, 2016 and through the end of the year, BNYMCM cannot guarantee the processing of mutual fund donations for 2016. After the New Year, we will process gifts of mutual funds as usual. After December 15th, 2016, BNYMCM will not be able to accept and process gifts of restricted stock and will not accept and process gifts of restricted stock going forward.

Please contact Terry Brown (bwalter@pitt.edu) or Lisa Sciullo (slisa@pitt.edu) directly if you have any questions.

We've created this website to make your options for charitable giving clear and accessible. From simple bequests, to more complex trust agreements, this site will help you identify the best ways to maximize your philanthropic goals and realize the benefits of giving.

This website is interactive and fun to use:

If you are already considering certain giving options, simply click on Compare Gift Plans and select the gifts you want to learn more about.

If you are not sure how our gift plans can meet your financial and philanthropic goals, enter the Legacy Planner, and follow the trail to the gifts that will work best for you. Each option you select leads to more choices, letting you design your own gift plan.

If it all seems too bewildering please feel free to just give us a call!

We hope you enjoy the site.